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Digital Nutrition Scale

Kitrics Digital Nutrition Scale

Digital Nutrition Weighing Scale

If you're watching your nutrition closely, this scale and nutritional calculator can help. Simply enter a food code from the provided list of 1999 common foods, and place the food item on the scale platform. The item will be weighted, and the nutritional facts for that portion displayed. Store customizable food code entries for foods that aren't already in the database, and tally up your daily nutritional intake to help you achieve your health goals.

Weigh your food in grams or ounces, with a high-precision reading of +/- 1 gram (.05 oz.). The unit features a washable stainless steel platform, and can weigh up to 72 ounces (2000 grams). Calibrate for whatever container you're using and you're all set.

Get a Nutritional Breakdown

Of course, it's not just about weight. The scale features a database containing information for 1999 foods. Enter your food code for a portion of food and it will compute the following: calories, calories from fat, carbohydrates, protein, fat, saturated fat, fiber, sugars, cholesterol, and sodium.

The information is easy to read, displayed just the way it is on food packaging labels. At the end of the day you can also calculate your daily nutritional intake, making this scale an essential dieting tool, or an eye-opener for those who wonder about their eating habits.

Custom Entries

If a food you're enjoying is not present in the device's database, it allows you to store up to 99 of your own food entries.

It Never Hurts to Double-Check

Think you're getting those serving sizes right? You may not be. The scale helps you ensure you get a proper serving, which may be smaller or larger than you anticipated.

Also Great for Baking

You've probably encountered the occasional baking recipe that offers measurements in grams rather than cups/etc. Get precise with this scale rather then converting or "guesstimating," which is never a great idea with baking.

Battery Operated

The scale runs on two AA batteries (included). A handy auto power-off feature ensures you don't drain them too quickly.

What's in the Box

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