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Weighing Scales You Can Depend On

Our Scales Brands

Weighing scales are something that can be used in many industries and it’s important the ones you purchase are reliable and made of high-quality materials. That is why at Petra Weighing Equipment Co. , we work hard to be the best weighing scales suppliers in the UAE and the surrounding areas.

Many Products Available

At Petra Weighing Equipment Co. we know the proper weighing machine or weighing scale in Dubai is critical to the success of your business. The last thing you want is weighing scales that weigh improperly, throwing off your entire load. We carry many products, from custom digital scales to modern mechanical scales and even traditional scales. If you need a weighing scale, we have what you need.

Affordability and Durability You Can Trust

When it comes to any type of weighing machine for your business, you want the best quality at the most affordable price. We have both. Our products are durable and meant to withstand the rigors of whatever industry you need them for. Petra as the leading weighing scales suppliers in UAE also have affordable weighing scales prices so our clients, both industrial and commercial, can afford to buy weighing scales in Dubai without breaking their bank account. We know how important it is to have top quality but still be able to afford the scales you need and we deliver on both.

We provide deferent types of weighing solution for logistics like floor, pallet jack and platform scales

Our facility for weighing scales in Dubai provide high quality weighing scales & weighing machines sales, service including analytical and precision balances calibration that can be used as gold weighing scale.

For more information on weighing scale suppliers and how we can help with all your product needs, contact us today for help and to browse our wide selection of products.

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Dubai | Abu Dhabi | Sharjah | Ajman | Ras Al Khaimah (RAK) | Al Ain | Fujairah | Umm al-Quwain

United Arab Emirates (UAE)

Our Services and Branches Available in:

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Amman - Jordan

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